The Joy of the Chase

The town Fort Collins, Colorado has some amazing musical offerings.  One of them is a city-sponsored, visual-artist-approved effort to bring music into everyday life.

I would frequently stop to play on one of these painted pianos, regardless of the time of day or night.  On this particular day, two people lingered (one of them, apparently reliant upon the other for continued mobility) for about 30 minutes.  




When you're playing on the street, 30 minutues is a long time to have a guest. The music that drew them initially to me was a fugue.

A fugue is a musical chase - a dance between two or more voices.  The best explanation of a fugue is not visual, like a blog... it's temperal, like time.  One of the most joyous fugues for me to listen to is recorded by the Canadian Brass - the "great little" Fugue by Bach.

I took this shot of one of the first proofs of this set.  Each voice's entrance and color, combined with the texture of the paper, created a scene just like I hear in my mind.

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